help: synaptic physiologist setting up plant development lab

Elizabeth Adler Elizabeth.M.Adler at WILLIAMS.EDU
Thu Oct 26 16:53:20 EST 1995

I need to put together a lab in plant development for next semester.  It's 
for an advanced section of a freshman course in organism biology.  The basic 
one week lab (for the non-advanced sections) is concerned with the effects 
of IAA on shoot and root development, interactions of IAA and kinetin and 
interactions of IAA and light.  I'd like to carry the general theme of plant 
hormones and development into a laboratory that lasts for about three weeks 
and has a discovery oriented approach. I've had some ideas along the lines 
of identifying second messenger pathways that mediate the effects of various 
hormones, looking at differentiation in response to various hormones in a 
plant cell culture system and identifying the mutation in plants with 
mutations in different hormonal pathways (or at different points in a given 
hormonal pathway) but, as a neurobiologist, my perspective on plant hormones 
and development is rather naive and I have no personal experience with plant 
biology laboratories. 

Any information as to laboratory manuals, experiences with laboratories 
along these lines, the existence of mutant plants or other suggestions would 
be very much appreciated. 

Liz Adler

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