blue-green pigment in spinach extract

Fri Oct 27 14:22:51 EST 1995

More information on the question about the mysterious blue-green
pigment from spinach. 

The spinach is extracted with acetone.
TLC coating:  silica gel
Solvent system:  petroleum ether/diethyl ether/acetone 8:3:2.
Normally in this system, beta-carotene is near the front, the chlorophylls 
are a bit over halfway up, and the xanthophylls are separated in the bottom 
half.  The mystery pigment (I'm sure I've heard a name for it before, but
it currently escapes me) runs down near the bottom of the xanthophyll 
distribution.  To me it looks blue; the students thought it looked aqua.
What can it be?

Kathy Schmid
Butler University
Indianapolis, IN  46208
schmid at

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