blue-green pigment in spinach extract

Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Oct 27 14:05:30 EST 1995

At  9:44 AM 10/27/95 -0700, SCHMID at wrote:
>Does anyone remember the identity of the blue-green pigment
>that is extracted from spinach with acetone and runs down with
>or below the xanthophylls when you separate pigments by TLC?
>(No, not chlorophyll....)

I do not know what your TLC coating is and what your
solvent is.  Anything that low on a typical TLC would
indicate "betacyanin" (betalain) to me.  In the solvent
systems we use on standard silica plates, the betacyanins
hang out at or near the origin.  Their color may change
with pH, so a "red" pigment might end up being "blue-
green" under your solvent conditions.  Please understand
that this is a guess.  There are probably some real
experts out there on the net who could be more definitive.
It is appropriate to note that the Chenopodiaceae is
part of the Caryophyllidae which is noted for its
characteristic use of betacyanins for red pigments.


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