flash powder

Wed Apr 10 09:02:54 EST 1996

I have long shown my students the ability of *Lycopodium* or *Huperzia* spores 
to ignite by sprinkling these into a flame of an alcohol lamp, and have told 
them that these spores were once the source of the flash for photographic use, 
before the advent of flash bulbs. My own observation is that the flame is very 
yellow, and I wonder if they were supplemented with anything else. 
Additionally, I'd like to construct the apparatus and show the students 
!exactly! how this was done, but alas, I DON'T KNOW!

Does anyone have information or source of information that would allow me to 
turn back the clock and demonstrate this process as it was done?

Jim Perry
University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
Menasha, WI 54952-8002
jperry at uwcmail.uwc.edu

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