Tree Climbing Workshop

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Subject: Tree Climbing Workshop
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The Urban Forestry Department at NDSU-Bottineau, in Bottineau, ND will 
sponsor a workshop for people in the tree care field on May 23 and 24 in 
Bottineau.  The workshop will deal with basic tree climbing skills and 
safety, utilizing ropes and saddles.  Ascending, descending and moving 
within the tree will be emphasized, however, some of the newer techniques 
and equipment will also be demonstrated.

The Instructors are Bob Underwood, Urban Forestry instructor at NDSU-B 
and Dr. John Ball of South Dakota State University.  The program, plus 2 
nights lodging in the dormitories and 6 meals, will cost $100.  If you 
have your own equipment, please bring it.  We have several sets available 
for those who are new to the field.  

For a brochure or to register, call 1-800-543-6866 or e-mail me.

Hope to see you there.  

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