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Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Wed May 15 12:04:47 EST 1996

At  8:33 AM 5/15/96 -0400, David L. Haas wrote:
>I know some of you have used
>the internet as an educational tool in some classes.  We at FSU have not done
>much.  I'm
>not even sure if our students have had any experience on line at all.  I have
>a feeling
>its very little.  Does any have any experience in this area?  Any suggestions?
>to look for?  Etc.


I am just finishing my first semester using a WWW site
as part of my botany class.  As a starter, I put my
syllabus and course schedule on-line with links to my
lecture notes, book chapter annotations, lab exercises,
exams from previous semesters, and posted my exam key
for the current semester there.  The students liked the
access for course materials (but I haven't got the course
evaluations back yet).

You will find my home page URL below and if you go to
the Biology of Plants course schedule, you can see what
my first attempt was like.

I have just purchased a digitizer and hope to get my
slides scanned in for the lecture notes by next cycle.
I'm slowly planning to have "everything" on the WWW so
that students do not need to purchase a textbook.  That
is still "down the road" but will slowly emerge from
what I am doing.

This fall I am giving the Plant Physiology course, and
will upgrade those pages as the course progresses.  I am
using the Moore book again (on a trial basis) and will be
reviewing the rest of the text as part of my web site.

Anyway, that is where I have gone so far.  Good Luck.
BTW, if you need help getting a web site up and running
I'd be happy to help as far as I am able...I'm a Macintosh
person so I'm not so helpful WRT Wintel platforms.


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