inside-out flowers

Barry Meatyard Barry.Meatyard at CSV.WARWICK.AC.UK
Fri May 17 03:39:57 EST 1996

Dear Plant edders,  Thanks to those who responded to me request for info on
the family of plants that have their stamens surrounded by the carpels.  I
had a number of responses and for those like me who weren't familiar with
this interesting exception to the general rule the details appear to be as
follows. The plant is Lacandonia schismatica in the Lacandoniaceae - a rare
monotypic group from Mexico.  Steve Read sent me the references copied
below if anyone is interested in taking it further.

On a more general note this seems to me to be a good example of how
experience and knowledge can be shared through this medium. It's a
formidable thought to be able to link the combined experience and knowledge
of all who subsribe to this list.
>Best wishes,  Barry

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