Amberettes: An actual plant?

John Hewitson 100600.70 at CompuServe.COM
Mon May 20 01:34:36 EST 1996

In "A Modern Herbal" by Mrs M. Grieve FRHS, Ed Mrs C.F. Leyel (Published by
Tiger Books International, London) I find the following further information:-

Hibiscus abelmoschus has the synonyms:- Abelmoschus moschatus, Semen abelmoschi,
Grana moschata, Ambretta, Egyptian Alcee, Biscornkorner, Ambrakorner,
Target-leaved hibiscus, Ab-el-mosch, Bamia moschata, Ketmie ordorante, Galu
gasturi, Capu kanassa.

Being a herbal, it not only gives a Description, Part used and Habitat of the
shrub, but details of its Constituents, Medicinal Action and Uses and Other
species which have a similar use.

But I won't clog the Bionet with all that unless you're interested enough to
e-mail me!

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