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Thu Jun 12 14:20:03 EST 1997

In article <l03020903afc57644c66d@[]>, Scott Shumway wrote:
>by unwanted advertising"?  Could it become a moderated list?

If you're reading it as a usenet group, you might ask your 
ISP to honor "cancelmoose" or "NoCeM" protocols.  Our ISP
tells us they cancel something like 70,000 spam items a day
on their incoming newsfeed.

For more information on these, you might want to do a deja
news search for cancelmoose, breidbart index, or robomoderation.
Or follow some of the discussions in

Other than that, I highly recommend the delete key, possibly
coupled with an email filtering program ("killfile").

One thing to watch... wholesale cancelling based on content
(rather than on number of posts or crossposts or violation of a 
group's charter) can cross the line into censorship.  CancelMoose,
NoCeM, and the Breidbart index are all designed to cancel junk
mail, not on contents of the message.

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