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Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Jun 13 07:38:12 EST 1997

At 4:38 PM -0400 6/12/97, Kathleen Archer wrote:
>I'd be interested to know about what a "private" server would involve as
>opposed to being "official".


The only difference is that instead of being part of the
Bionet server group using their servers and domain, the
list would be moved to a server somewhere else on earth
and the domain would change.  The software that does the
"work" of maintaining the listserver is usually Majordomo
or some equivalent.  All it basically means is that some
university agrees to have its own Unix or VAX machine be
the host and to supply Majordomo.  This removes the mail
list from the "major mall" list of mail lists and thus
is no longer a target of the bulk spam operations.

All lists get *some* spam but I think the Bionet members,
by being centralized with dozens of other list groups at
one domain, are particularly vulnerable.  However, since
we don't pay for the Bionet service, we really don't have
any leverage to have their software tweaked to eliminate
or at least reduce the spam.  Ideally our zone in the domain
should be able to check the incoming messages, reroute any
newcomers to a subscribe function, and block any message
until the sender is completely subscribed to the group. The
subscribe verification could help reduce spam.

I'm not sure how we can complain to Bionet and induce any
kind of anti-spam measures in their servers, but that would
be what is needed.  Again, to me the delete key works fine
for much of it, but I am concerned about the flurry of
porno-spam that goes into our mailboxes.  I'm tenured and
full professor so mail monitoring probably would have no
impact on my career, but if I were untenured I would be
wondering if I should stay subscribed to this list.  The
loss of our untenured members would be a real shame.  That
is my real concern here.  The last spam about teenage
porno was VERY scary...I think involvement in child porno
would be grounds for dismissal of even tenured full profs
at many places.


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