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Dr. David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Fri Jun 13 12:13:32 EST 1997

Ideally our zone in the domain
>should be able to check the incoming messages, reroute any
>newcomers to a subscribe function, and block any message
>until the sender is completely subscribed to the group. The
>subscribe verification could help reduce spam.

*** I would hate to see us restrict access too much.  Many times I have
recommended to students, etc. to post a message here to get an answer to
questions.  I have seen some of the posts and replies, I think it has been
very helpful.  My fear is that forcing one to subscribe, etc. might deter
those who would benefit from a posting.

I'm tenured and
>full professor so mail monitoring probably would have no
>impact on my career, but if I were untenured I would be
>wondering if I should stay subscribed to this list.  The
>loss of our untenured members would be a real shame.  That
>is my real concern here.  The last spam about teenage
>porno was VERY scary...I think involvement in child porno
>would be grounds for dismissal of even tenured full profs
>at many places.

*** I am a second year untenured assistant prof.  I have been told that my
email is monitored.  I am not concerned that spam porn mail will implicate
me as a child pornographer, etc. anymore than I would worry that my landlord
would evict from from my apartment for receiving junk mail.  I won't cancel
this newsgroup for fear of porn mail.  I don't like getting the material,
and find some of it rather offensive, but realize that this is one of the
growing pains of the Internet.  I will continue to simply delete messages
from my in-box based on subject line, it is only a single key stroke.

Let's be careful about removing ourselves from bionet or making it hard to
post messages here.  This is one of the best lists I have been on as far as
helpfullness, lack of bickering (see the plantbio list!), etc... I would
hate to see that change.

Dave Starrett

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