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Mon Jun 16 11:48:21 EST 1997

I contacted Jean Dickey at Clemson University who is the list owner
of BIOLAB for info on how the "junk" is screened.  THe following is
her reply.

>From:	IN%"dickeyj at CLEMSON.EDU"  "Jean Dickey" 16-JUN-1997 10:59:13.94
>Subj:	RE: time moderating BIOLAB

>Hi Linda,
>To answer your question, Biolab is not moderated.  That is, I don't screen =
>the mail and decide whether it should be posted.  We don't have junk mail =
>on the list because a while back I "closed" the list.  This means that =
>only subscribers can post. Listproc, the software that runs the list, will =
>only distribute a message if its return address matches one on the =
>subscriber list.  All other messages are rejected.
>There is nothing to prevent a determined advertiser or flame-thrower from =
>subscribing to Biolab and then posting.  If that happens, I can ban the =
>offender by telling Listproc to "ignore" posts from that address.  (That =
>hasn't happened.)
>There is one problem that results from closing the list. If a subscriber's =
>e-mail address changes even slightly, he or she is not recognized by listpr=
>oc as a subscriber.  Then I usually have to "edit" the subscribers list to =
>fix the problem.  For example, your address is HEATH at XAVIER.XU.EDU. If =
>your system administrator changed that to HEATH at Biology.XAVIER.XU.EDU then =
>your postings would be rejected.  (You would also be unable to execute =
>commands such as postpone).
>If plant-ed is an e-mail list and not a newsgroup, then the list-owner =
>should be able to have the list closed.  In my case, I don't handle any of =
>that programming stuff. The "system janitor" in charge of the university =
>mail system does it on my request.  If plant-ed is actually a USENET =
>newsgroup, then you either have to resort to having a moderator or put up =
>with the junk.  That's a huge advantage of e-mail lists, and the =
>membership might want to consider becoming a list.
>I hope this helps. Feel free to quote anything I said.
>I've got to get back to the e-mail pile.  I hope your workshop is going (=
>or went) well.
>>A thread has come up on the plant-ed newslist about all of the
>>junk on an unmoderated list.  ARe you on that list?   =
>>How much time does it take for you to moderate BIOLAB?  May I =
>>you on that time in case someone is interested in taking on the =
>>of moderating plnat-ed?
>>I'm in the middle of a plants workshop for teachers, so back to

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