Jon Monroe monroejd at
Sat Jun 21 10:13:52 EST 1997

On 20 Jun 1997, "Dr. David Starrett" wrote:

> ### I have a thought.  It was suggested at one point that only subscribers
> be allowed posting access.  I am strongly opposed to this.

Whether one subscribes, uses the web, or usnet newsreaders only affects
how one gets and posts messages.  There can be no restrictions on where
one sends the messages so there is no need to worry about that.  All
postings, no matter what the source, would first go to the moderator who
would then forward appropriate messages to the group. 

>  On the other
> hand, I fear that moderation may slow down the timeliness and be a burden
> on the moderators.

There will be some effect of this change.  I can only say that I believe
it will be a small change, and that the alternative (non-moderation) is no
longer acceptable to the group (assuming a yes vote on moderation - I'll
ask for a vote this week).  We can discuss the effect of moderation in 6
months or a year and decide whether it was a good change or not and what
alternatives exist.

> Question: Is is possible to have the list set-up, maybe
> with two addresses or such, so that the regular subscribers could post
> without moderation with only the non-subscribed posters having to funnel
> through a moderator?  This would allow timely postings and responses for
> the "regulars" yet still allow the moderation of "outsiders", reducing the
> load on moderators.

Such an address would have to be public and therefore known to spammers as
well.  Trying to keep such an address "secret" would be administratively
difficult to say the least.

> Do new subscriptions have to be moderated as well?

The group would be moderated without distinguishing the source of the

> Can spammers make it look like they are subscribers? 

It doesn't matter.  As long as the moderator(s) is(are) the only one(s)
(besides the BIOSCI admin) who know the address to which to forward
appropriate messages, no spams will get through.


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