plant-ed future

Nancy Harrison vulpia at
Thu Jun 26 07:55:49 EST 1997

>I second that opinion!
>While I have found this list to be of great help to me in the past, I 
>find the frequent "" 
>a pain in the Aster.
>Are the other Bio-Sci lists also frequented by these spams?  I would 
>imagine that they are.  Yes, a moderated list would filter out these 
>posts, but the problem lies in MODERATING it.  Somebody would have to 
>volunteer to administrate the list and dump the non-plant-ed 
>material; that is if the Bio-Sci folks allow it.
>I'm not sure what the anther is.  I do agree that I would hate to see 
>this list senesce due to unwanted advertising.
>Any ideas?

I frequent several computing newsgroups. These teen sex jerks are there
as well! They are all over the place. Somebody, get a big can of
Raid, quick! -NH

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