Cleome: looks, smells like marijuana. What's up?

Jeff Potter jp at glpbooks.BADMAIL.com
Thu Oct 16 07:25:17 EST 1997

Anyone know anything about *cleome*? It's a decorative plant/flower that
is more like pot than any other plant I've ever seen. Anyone know if it
has any THC in it? Not that I smoke. But it sure is a cool looking plant!
I've seen and smelled living pot plants before...and it makes me feel
like a crook to have cleome cuttings in the house! It's very similar!
The funny thing is that not everyone else knows how close it is.

[Note: Please spare me and the world any whining about this
query: the psych/med properties of plants is as legitimate an interest
as any other.] 

You know what happened with poppies last summer...the world
discovered that they ALL make opium. So what about cleome?

It has 5-pedal leaves looking just like pot. It has very resinous, sticky
stems, leaves, etc. It has a very bud-like looking flower arrangement.
And it smells almost exactly like pot! It's the same size plant as pot.
Nothing noticing any of this in the online resources on cleome. In fact,
there's not much online about this plant. I find this to be very weird.


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