Cyrtanthus species discovery

Cape Flora doni at
Sun May 3 12:22:28 EST 1998

Cape Flora is pleased to announce that an exciting discovery of a new
Cyrtanthus species was made by us about a year ago. This new species has
evaded botanists for over four hundred years. This is due to the fact
that the leaves are particularly thin and blend in with the surrounding
grass. The species is also endemic, ie restricted to a very small area
about one square kilometer in a very remote valley in the South-Eastern
Cape. Plants grow between rocks and when in flower, make a stunning
display. As this is such a rare species, plants are being propagated
from seed. Limited quantities of seedlings will be available in about 1
- 2 years time. This species is unique in that its flower parts are
completely withdrawn into the tube. As this species is still in the
process of being described by a qualified botanist, no name has yet been
given to it. We will have to be patient. Once we have propagated
sufficient seedlings we hope to be able to re-introduce them in the wild
in order to increase the breeding population and to save this species
from extinction.

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South African plants.

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