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Sun May 3 10:57:19 EST 1998

    I'am a 25 years old french student, I'am actually in the DEA of
Systematic (french Bac+5) of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de
Paris. (It's the year before the doctorat.)

    I recently made a cladistic study of the lichen family Gomphillaceae
lichens), this study, that I began in january, is finished since a few
weeks. It consists in an analysis of the monophily of the different genus in
this family by using MET and optic microscopy on the asqual's structure of
these genus (this work is going to be published). Nevertheless systematic is
not my favorite field of investigation.
    I'm very interested by the lichened asco. and I am going to continue in
this field for the next years.
    For my part, the lichen's symbiosis and its understanding seem to be an
interesting topic of study in lichenology and certainly be my next project :
the induction of the genomic expression of the algae by the fungi, for
    I'm very interessed by using lichens and plants as tool of pollution
bioindication too, effect of ozone concentration in law alititud for example
or effect of U.V radiation. This study can be achieved by biochemical
anlysing using HPLC and physiological analysis using the Clark electrod.
    Currentely, I look for school or university wich may be interested by
these topics and may finance these works in the way to access to the grade
of PhD .
    If you are interested let me an answer.
    Peroni Jérôme
    e-mail:mumu.cot at

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