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Gary Hannan bio_hannan at ONLINE.EMICH.EDU
Mon May 18 16:10:22 EST 1998

>At 2:18 PM -0400 5/18/98, Grant R. Cramer wrote:
>>I have two questions:
>>1) Does anyone know where I can get seed for the sensitivity plant? I want
>>to give each student one to grow through class next fall.
>>2) Does anyone have a recommendation for a short Plant ID guide or key that
>>students can easily carry with them out in the field?


For wildflower ID, I prefer Newcomb's wildflower guide because it actually
has a general key, based on flower parts, that usually gets you to within a
couple pages of the plant, at which point you have to "picture key".  But
it does work fairly well.  Better than thumbing through 75 pages of blue

Gary Hannan

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