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kevin franken kfranken2 at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 19 19:39:24 EST 1998

Hi. A professor at Purdue recommended I contact Plant-Ed about this in 
the hopes that someone here could provide some information.  

Hi. My name is Kevin Franken.  I'm a senior Environmental Biology major 
here at Eastern Illinois University.  Currently, there is a proposal to 
merge the Botany and Zoology Dept's into the Dept of Biological 
Sciences.  The vast majority of the Botany faculty here OPPOSE it 
because they fear the high-quality Botany program here will suffer (and 
for many other reasons).  In past mergers at other universities, it has 
been said that Botany faculty and course offerings DECLINE after such 

What I'm looking for is DATA/EVIDENCE to support that idea.  Do you or 
anyone you know have access to such data or can get a hold of such data 
showing a decline of Botany faculty and course offerings AFTER a merger 
with a Zoology Dept?  If you have such info, please show the Botany 
faculty #'s and course offerings BEFORE the merger and AFTER.  If yes, 
could you send that information to me via email or regular mail?  My 
fellow students and I are trying to bring evidence to our Student 
Senate, Faculty Senate, and administration.  Such info. would be very 

Do you have any advice for our movement here?  Do you know any 
names/emails of faculty at other universities who I could contact 
regarding this?  

Also, EIU currently offers a BS degree in Botany and Zoology and 
Environmental Biology, if the merger goes through, only a BS in 
Biological Sciences will be offered, with an option in Environmental 
Biology, and a concentration in Botany (and other areas).  I don't think 
a degree in Botany is the same thing as a concentration in Botany, do 

How can we ensure our strengths in organismal and field botany are 

Do you know the names of any listserv's I could post this msg on?

Thank you for your time.

Kevin Franken
1930 W. Delray
Peoria, IL 61614

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