help on seabuckthorn

Carlos A. Velasco Castellanos cavelcas at MAIL.ENTELNET.BO
Sun May 31 15:55:55 EST 1998

I would like to ask for info relating to seabuckthorn (Hippophae ramnoides: ssp mongolica rousi, ssp yunnanesis rousi, ssp gyantsenesis rousi, ssp sinensis rousi, ssp turkestanica rousi and/or Hippophae tibetana schlechtend; Hippophae salicifolia D.Don; Hippophae neurocarpa S.W. Lui et J.N.He)a chinese shrub for a reforestation program.

I'm looking for complete references about seabuckthorn and how to propagate in vitro culture. 

I would appreciate any references to basic techniques involved in it's micropropagation, media compositions, protocols and so forth for these species.

Does anyone know where I can get seeds and/or plants shipped in test tubes (anywhere).  Please send to me the 
E-mail address for contact with them.
Thanks in advance!  Carlos 

PRO-CIENCIA, Av.2 No 300-Auquisamana, P.O.Box 838, La Paz-Bolivia   Fax 591-2-797606 

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