pecans and coconuts

Jensen, Douglas douglas.jensen at
Mon Dec 10 09:57:15 EST 2001


Two weird requests (what else would y'all expect from me?)

1.  Pecans:  I have successfully removed complete embryos from pecans (Carya
illinoense--cotyledons intact!), and I want to know the best way to keep
If I keep them in a jar, will they stay fine or will they eventually
mold or
dry up?  If I need to pickle them, is typical FAA fine?
By the way, I have some embryos with 3 cotyledons.  I assume this is a
strange developmental glitch since the same tree produces mostly
dicotyledonous embryos.

2.  Coconuts:  The local farmer's market is now selling whole coconuts.
They even have the flowering peduncle attached, but the fruits are not as
large as I have seen in the past (perhaps they're immature).  I think it
would be fun to germinate one.  Have any of you ever done this and know what
I need to do?  Could I germinate from those sold at the store?  



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