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David Alan Walker d.a.walker at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Nov 8 15:46:04 EST 2005

Having heard Sue Gamble (of the Kansas State Board of Education) explain, so
eloquently, why ²Intelligent Design² ought not to be taught alongside
Evolution, I feel impelled to ask Plant Ed contributors how they feel about
this matter? If you missed it, you can ŒListen Again¹ to her on  the BBC
ŒToday Programme¹.
 Simply go to 


 select 'Today' and 'Listen'. Then, by moving a marker along a bar until it
reads 2:47:23 (hours minutes and seconds into the broadcast) you will find
that she started to speak round then.

Best regards


>From David Walker, FRS., Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis, University of
Sheffield, UK.

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