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William E Williams WEWilliams at smcm.edu
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I was unable to access the interview with Sue Gamble, but egad, you  
have to be kidding! "Intelligent design" is just old-fashioned  
creationism in secular clothing -- why in the world would anyone on  
this list advocate teaching it alongside evolution? It'd be sort of  
like teaching astrology alongside astronomy (as part of the history  
of astronomy it would be quite reasonable, of course, as would  
mention of, say, William Paley or Bishop Wilberforce as part of the  
history of evolution).


On Nov 8, 2005, at 3:46 PM, David Alan Walker wrote:

> Having heard Sue Gamble (of the Kansas State Board of Education)  
> explain, so eloquently, why ”Intelligent Design” ought not to be  
> taught alongside Evolution, I feel impelled to ask Plant Ed  
> contributors how they feel about this matter? If you missed it, you  
> can ‘Listen Again’ to her on  the BBC  ‘Today Programme’.
>  Simply go to
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/progs/listenagain.shtml#t,
>  select 'Today' and 'Listen'. Then, by moving a marker along a bar  
> until it reads 2:47:23 (hours minutes and seconds into the  
> broadcast) you will find that she started to speak round then.
> Best regards
> David
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