[Plant-education] Creating phylogenetic trees in class based onMorphological data

Barry Meatyard Barry.Meatyard at warwick.ac.uk
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The best piece of software for this (imho) is LucID. A number of commercially available keys (notably for the Blue Green Algae and Green Algae of the UK) have been built using this, and I have used it at a variety of levels - from undergrad down to (or even up to) primary schools - for constructing keys. Unfortunately it's not free.
Details are at www.lucidcentral.com 

>>> "Beverly Brown" <bbrown6 at naz.edu> 11/16/05 03:31pm >>>
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good program that I and my students can learn so we
can create our own character matrices and then generate trees based on them?
Ideally the programs would be free.

Or, if anyone knows a good tutorial for Phylip or other similar program.



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