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Roxanne et al. - In addition to a textbook, you might think about having
students read Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire.  It is an excellent
supplementary source in a General Botany course.  The cost is low -
$14.00.  And as the book says, it presents a "plant's-eye view of the
world" which I've found very useful for botany students. 

Best wishes-

Mary Ann Vinton

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Dear Plant-ed folks:


I'm choosing a textbook for my Botany course next semester.  Half of the
students will be bio majors, and half will be environmental
studies/sciences majors.  I have used "Biology of Plants" by Raven,
Evert, and Eichorn previously, and I thought I'd take a look at
different texts this year.  I noticed I now have a collection of 6
potential texts!  I've listed them below.  Please let me know if you
really like any of the texts, and what you like about it.


Introduction to Botany by Murray Nabors

Botany by Moore, Clark, and Vodopich

Botany An introduction to Plant Biology by Mauseth

Principles of Botany by Uno, Storey, and Moore

Introductory Plant Biology by Stern

Biology of Plants by Raven, Evert, and Eichorn







Roxanne Fisher (rfisher at chatham.edu)

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