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I sincerely hope everyone reading this will consider serving as a
resource in support of The Clergy Letter Project. Each of us has e-mail
lists of other colleagues across the nation and indeed, around the
world. Please consider asking them for their support as well.


James W. Perry, Ph.D.

Campus Executive Officer and Dean

Professor, Biological Sciences

University of Wisconsin- Fox Valley

1478 Midway Road

Menasha, WI 54952

(920) 832-2610 (Voice)

(920) 832-2674 (Fax)



Dear Fellow Scientist,

I am writing to you on behalf of The Clergy Letter Project, a collection
of more than 10,600 Christian clergy members who have signed The Clergy
Letter (www.evolutionsunday.org) asserting that Christianity and modern
science can comfortably coexist and recognizing the centrality of
evolution in modern science.  In addition to collecting signatures on
this open letter, The Clergy Letter Project has sponsored Evolution
Sunday, an opportunity for religious congregations to come together to
discuss the compatibility of religion and science.  The second annual
Evolution Sunday event, held on 11 February 2007, had an increase in
participating congregations of more than 32 percent from the first
year's event.

Over the past several years, many clergy members have asked me if I can
connect them with a local scientist who might be willing to help them
with some aspect of a sermon on which they are working or with some
question a parishioner has.  They have also wondered if I know of some
scientists who might be willing to run an adult education class for
their congregation.  

As The Clergy Letter Project matures, we are attempting to provide more
and better resources to clergy members who understand the importance of
science and who do not find science to be a threat to their faith.
That's where you come in.

The Clergy Letter Project is beginning to create an on-line data base of
scientists who are willing to answer questions posed by clergy members
and who are excited about the possibility of interacting with clergy
members and their parishioners in an attempt to explain the beauty and
power of science.  In short, our purpose is to create a data base of
scientists who might be willing to provide technical support to clergy
members in need of such support.

If you are willing to be a part of this endeavor, please send me
(mz from butler.edu) an e-mail note with the following information:




Areas of Expertise:

e-mail address:

We'll add this information, by zip code and perhaps by area of
expertise, to a web page and let the members of The Clergy Letter
Project know of your interest.

Additionally, please forward this note to any other scientists who you
think might want to be listed in our data base.  Together we can build a
vibrant and strong coalition of religious leaders and scientists who are
willing to speak out for high quality science instruction.

Thanks very much for your consideration of this request.


Michael Zimmerman

Professor of Biology and

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Butler University

Indianapolis, Indiana  46228


Founder, The Clergy Letter Project


mz from butler.edu

Visit The Clergy Letter Project on the Web at www.evolutionsunday.org 

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