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At 12:07 PM 11/6/96 -0800, Dr. David Starrett wrote:
>  Recently I posted an inquiry about extraction and quantitaion of C2H4 and
>ABA.  I have forwrded the information I received to the High School teacher.
>Thank You all for your responses.  One follow question I was asked.  They
>will standardize a germination inhibition assay.  The teacher (and myself)
>is wondering what concentrations of ABA to use.  Anyone have some
>suggestions for a range of concentartions to use to "standardize" the system?

I suggest the student's do a dose response curve over a broad range
first.  Then if a finer range is needed for better resolution, the
they can do that.  My first stab would be 10-7, 10-6, 10-5, 10-4 and
10-3 M.  A serial dilution of a 10-3 M stock solution would be a good
instructive way to prepare the petri dishes.  AbA is fairly costly
so keeping the volume of the mM stock solution low would be an issue
for some schools.  Smaller Petri dishes would help, but if you are
using disposables, are MORE expensive than the larger ones and would
likely offset the added expense.  For a 10 cm dish I would use a
volume of 5 mL.  If you do the project in the bottom of shell vials
you would of course use FAR less material!


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