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Mon Nov 18 23:52:26 EST 1996

> I'm in the midst of teaching about plant hormones in my botany class
> and they have again stumped me with a question about the finer details of
> the current topic.  (And since I'm a plant ecologist only superficially
> trained in plant physiology and biochemistry, I am stumped more often
> than I'd like).  The latest question is:
>         Why do normal or wild-type plants generally NOT respond to
>         exogenous applications of gibberellins??  especially given the
>         fact that this hormone was discovered because of the effect of
>         fungal gibberellin on rice seedlings.  What's the difference
>         between gibberellin due to fungal infection and that applied by
>         a human investigator?  Or were the rice varieties affected dwarf
>         varieties?
> I'd appreciate any light you can shed on the finer points of the action
> of gibberellins.
> Thanks,
> Martha Phillips
> Biology Dept.
> College of St. Catherine
> St. Paul, MN 55105
> mmphillips at

I suggest that you post your inquiry to the plant hormones email group

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