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Dr. David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Thu Nov 21 16:53:04 EST 1996

  I know this is an old question.  I looked through a list in old ASPP
Newsletter.  But, I will be teaching Plant Phys again next fall (97).  I
used Salisbury and Ross, but wasn't real satisfied with the coverage.  This
is a losaded question but... what I am looking for are some suggestions for
good plant phys texts aimed at upper division students (some, but not all
would be "Botany" majors).  I want something fairly current that covers all
the major topics.  I would like to see a decent amount on Plant Mo Bio
and/or Plant Biotech.  I have searched publishers on the web, etc. but am
not finding much.  Surely there are some good texts out there...???

  All suggestions appreciated!!! If you have a suggestion, include the
publisher so I can look it up and try to get an examination copy.

Thank You very much!!!

Dave Starrett
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