Agent of distribution--Maclura

Thu Nov 28 05:50:25 EST 1996

     Maclura tinctoria (moraceae family):
     This message has nothing to do with the (interesting) speculative 
     pleistocene mastodon dispersal agent.
     Just to say that:
     1- the molecule Maclurin, also called morintannic acid or kino-yellow, 
     is extracted from fruit AND wood of Maclura tinctoria and is used in 
     dyeing fabrics.
     2- Maclura contains lectin compounds (jacalin) which are use in 
     3- This fruit is not naturally dispersed (at least in France), and 
     is not yet dispersed here during baseball games as you can imagine.
     Prof. Jean-Claude DAVIDIAN
     Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique 
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