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Andrew, as has been mentioned on this list several times in the past few weeks, the library is an excellent source of information.  Have you tried doing a literature search using organelle isolation or chloroplast/mitochondria isolation as key words?
  My cell biology students isolate chloroplasts and mitochondria using protocols found in Choinsky (Wm. C. Brown, publ) and Ahern (Wm. C. Brown, publ) cell bio lab manuals.
     Here are some other references I have used:  Liley, R. et al. 1975. Criteria of intactness and the photosynthetic activity of spinach chloroplast preparations. New Phytol. 75:1-10.

Price, C.A. 1983. in Isolation of Membranes and organelles from plant cells". J.L. Hall & A.L. Moore, eds. pp. 1-24. Academic Press, London 

Schwitzguebel, J.-P. & Siegenthaler, P.-A. 1984. Purification of peroxisomes and mitochondria from spinach leaf by percoll gradient centrifugation. Plant Physiol. 75:670-674

This should help you get started, but I suggest you do your own literature search to see if any new developments have occurred in this area in the past 15 years.

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>>> Andrew Sweatman <andrewjs at> 11/25 4:53 PM >>>

    i'm looking for information and someone told me that this would be a
good place to find intelligent people who could help me.  I'm trying to find
out how to separate plant cell organells using, i assume, some form of
centrifugation.  I assume that it would require different rates/types of
centrifugation to separate the parts of the plant cell.  Could anyone help
me with this?  Suggesting a web page to go to would be useful as i have not
found any about (though i've looked through loads).  Or possibly a text
source that would answer my question would be useful.  Thanks a lot.

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