Genetics Problems

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Wed Nov 1 16:29:04 EST 2000

I also give homework in my Intro. Botany and Intro. Cellular and Molecular Bio.
courses.  With 200 students, it's alot of extra grading but, I can ask questions
that take longer to answer than they have time for during an inclass exam.  Right
now, homework is counted as bonus points and only half the students turn it in.
There is alot of copying that goes on and I require all work to be shown for
credit.  The big surprise to the students is that their work was graded.  They
figure they should get full credit just for turning in the assignment.  I would
like to make homework required but, I would be the only one in my Dept., outside of
lab writeups, requiring homework.


sjohnson at wrote:

> sorry to hear about the homework cheating in your class, deborah.
> however, i'm glad to hear that you're assigning homework. my
> students look at me like i have at least two heads when i give an
> assignment. many don't bother to do it - even thought it counts
> towards their grades - they'd rather moan later (and pretend it's my
> fault). i wonder just how many plant-edders go through this extra,
> but valuable, hassle, and how homework grades are worked in.
> please respond.
> sandra
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> Subject:                Genetics Problems
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> > Plant Edders:
> >
> > In looking over my genetics class homework assignments,
> > signicant copying from the solutions manual is going on (I was
> > warned also by a student).  This is really obvious copying in the
> > form of a table from the study guide/solutions manual being lifted
> > directly.  Anybody out there have new or different sources for
> > genetics problems that I can get to quickly?  I haven't had much
> > time to check the net, but any links would be appreciated. Any
> > suggestions on how to deal with the copying are also appreciated?
> > R
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Deb
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