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Mon Nov 27 19:31:00 EST 2000

I've recently been speaking to a lecturer from an education
faculty here in Australia. He was telling me about the problems
that he was having handling the amount of marking that he had
to do. The reasons he told me for this were:
* not having enough time do complete the marking
* handwriting similar feedback comments to many students
* making sure the essays he and his tutors marked were all marked

This meant that he was spending most of his spare time marking and
had lost his control on the assessment process in terms of cost,
quality and continuous improvement.

He built his own personal assessment structure and feedback into the
Mindtrail database loosely based on the SOLO taxonomy of Biggs and
Collis. He received excellent feedback from the students in their university
teaching evaluation process in terms of assignment return time and
feedback quality. He was also able to share this 'assessment structure
and feedback' with other markers within his school.

I thought this might be of interest from academic point of view but also
that the unique database qualities of Mindtrail may prove to be useful
within the professional areas of subscribers to

If you are interested in learning more about Mindtrail, our web site
has some more user testimonials and a free 30 day download.

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Joanne Hayward
Mindtrail Customer Relations

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