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I had heard a similar story, but it was done by Native Americans.  [Maybe
that's why they tended to use skin, bark, and adobe dwellings more than
quarried marble???]

"Jensen, Douglas P." wrote:

> Everyone, I am in search of some evidence that a factoid I have in my head
> is actually true or not.
> Somewhere I heard or read that Egyptians used germinating seeds to help
> split rocks as they quarried them for the Great Pyramids, and other
> monuments.  As I remember, they would drill a series of holes to perforate
> the rocks they wanted from the rock wall, then they filled the holes with
> dried seeds, moistened them, and as the seeds imbibed water, they expanded
> and split the rock off the wall.
> A colleague who does Middle Eastern Archeology doesn't have a clue how the
> rocks were quarried, but he says he does know how to make bricks without
> straw.
> Do any of y'all know about this?
> Doug
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