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     There are quite a few published examples of unusual life extensions
     of annuals and biennials, but none that I know of are longer than
     this sugar beet.   Some other cases can be found in the references
     listed below.  In general, these extensions involve interfering
     with the development of the reproductive structures which induce
     death in many monocarpic plants.   In this way, soybean can be made
     to live >13 months and grow >21 meters.

     Molisch, H. 1938. The Longevity of Plants  (Die Lebensdauer der
     Pflanze).  226 p. illus. 24 cm . Lancaster, PA: Science Press.
     Noodén, L. D. 1988. Whole plant senescence.  Senescence and Aging
     in Plants. Editors L. D. Noodén, and A. C. Leopold, 391-439. San
     Diego, CA: Academic Press.

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Subject: Keeping Annuals Alive Longer than Normal
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In 1955, Ulrich (Plant Physiology 30:250-257) kept a
biennial sugar beet alive for 41 months by preventing
it from flowering by not vernalizing it. Does anyone
know of a similar study that kept annual plants alive
long after their normal lifespans by preventing them
from flowering?

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