He would say that wouldn't he?

david alan walker alan2351 at btopenworld.com
Sun Nov 16 07:02:43 EST 2003

"He would say that wouldn't he?" This expression was first used on a
memorable occasion by one Mandy Rice-Davis. Since then it has passed
into general usage (at least in the U.K) as an expression of
understandable skepticism.  In view of  my recent plea to be allowed  to
bring some of my stuff to your attention (not to mince words, to
"advertise") you might well echo these famous words if you care to read
what I have written at


Alternatively, if  this ("gentle"?) advertising is acceptable, simply
glance at 


Otherwise  please accept my apologies and disregard this entirely.

>From David Walker, FRS., Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis,
University of
Sheffield, UK.


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