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I would like to ask for help about our project that is The Leonardo da
Vinci Tissue Expert Education Project whose administrator is Emrullah
Gokhan with TR/06/A/F/PL2-005 project number. I have attached our
project summary. We need an institute to give training our 4 master
students on tissue culture aplication of economically important plants
especially olive, potato and cut flowers. Could you please advice me
institutes for that topics. Thank you for attention.

Best regards,

Serpil Orhan
Coordinator of Agricultural Biotecnology Group
sorhan from bagem.org

BAGEM - Science Research and Development Centre
Dikili Candarli Yolu 19 km Deliktas Koyu Dikili-Izmir-Turkey
Tel: +90 2326725120
Fax: +90 2326725317
e-mail: bagem from camlicavakfi.org.tr

Tissue Culture Expert Education

                                                    PROJECT SUMMARY
              Agricultural manufacturing and methods of agriculture
have been of significant importance within the period of full
membership of Turkey for European Union. Despite the presence of rich
agricultural sources and having wide array of product variety
supported by adequate climate, the contribution of agricultural sector
to economy is restricted and the commerce of agricultural products
between European countries and Turkey is not at the expected level.
The major reason for this is the fact that, the developments in the
agricultural sector could not be applied efficiently. Especially,
tissue culture which is an agricultural and biotechnological method
and the process of plant proliferation are being applied for a
fraction of economically valuable agricultural products for the
reasons of being easy, having goal oriented consequences and
minimizing the negative effects for plant growth; and appear as a
prominent method. Nevertheless, qualified personnel and institutions
providing education in this topic are limited in Turkey and Europe.

	This project is arranged with the purpose of implementing the cycle
that is going to be formed through educating the required personnel by
experienced and qualified institutions in Europe, employing by
existing Bagem-Asgen Tarım A.Ş and educating the incoming staff,
taking into account the importance of plant biotechnology and
insufficiency of required potential. In this way, this project aimed
at reaching of commerce between Europe and Turkey to desired level and
providing an efficient area for European countries which desire to
make investments in Turkey.

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