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My a 10 year computer programmer ventran and you want to pursue a
career in biological sciences.  Hmmm...are you sure this is what you
want to do with your life?  I hope that you realize that science is not
a money-making carreer.  I hope that you are prepared to make less than
a fast-food worker - for the next 7-10 years that it takes you to
finish your PhD and then a post-doc.  Then of course the next step
would be to find a position.

But enough lamenting about the current state of affairs and things may
change in the next few years.  You can definitely set yourself apart
with your programming skill if you want to continue with it in your
biology-computer science career.  The first thought that comes to mind
is computer modeling of protein structures.  The dream of a lot of
biologists would be able to enter the primary DNA sequence and have a
computer algorithm convert it into  its functional tertiary structure.

There are many other possibilities but you should look into groups near
your area that are doing computer modeling to get some hands on

Good Luck.

Guy Oshiro
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