pI of proteins

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Mon Jan 29 17:00:52 EST 1996

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   Torsten Boerchers <borcher at uni-muenster.de> wrote:
-->Eduardo Taboada <ed> wrote:
-->>Hi all
-->>I have a little question regarding the pI of a number of proteins, including
-->>human cytochrome C, Hemoglobin, and Albumin...I know these should be in some
-->>reference book somewhere, but anyone out there know by chance ? also, is 
-->>a good way of calculating the pI of a protein based on the amino acid 
-->>thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated. please e-mail me personally.
-->>Ed Taboada.
-->>Dept of Biology
-->>University of Ottawa, Canada
-->Yes there is a way to calculate the pI of proteins based on
-->amino acid sequence. It is done by the programmes 
-->PEPTIDESORT and ISOELECTRIC of the GCG package. I don´t
-->know a freely accessible Web server, however, which does the

Yes, there is such way. But IMHO it's the way to mislead yourself into 
illusion of knowledge when, in fact, you don't have one. In brief, pI may
(or may not) depend on structure, so that native and denatured proteins 
could have drastically different pH. 

Find refs. or if they are not available, run IEF. 

- Dima

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