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  OFFICE MEMO         protista/protoctista...               Date:  4/1/94
I have decided to enter the fray!  All those who are interested in a lengthy
(and I like to think, thoughtful) historical and still relevant discussion of
the protista/protoctista debate, I would like to refer you to the following

Rothschild, L.J.  1989.  Protozoa, Protista, Protoctista: What's in a Name?  J.
History Biology 22: 277-305

This paper was presented as part of a symposium at the History of Science
Society, etc. meetings.  While I'd be happy to send out xeroxes (sorry, I'm out
of reprints), other papers on the history of protozoology are included in the
volume and might be of interest.

Lynn Rothschild
Ecosystems Science and Technology Branch
MS 239-12
NASA/Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA  94035-1000

P.S. The puchline? Forget "Protoctista".

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