J. Euk. Microbiol.

Thu Apr 7 15:58:27 EST 1994

Mark Farmer (farmer at emlab.zoo.uga.edu) says: "It has been over a year
since the Society of Protozoologists renamed their journal to the
"Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology" with the expressed hope that this
would encourage submissions from researchers who might otherwise
not be inclined to publish in this journal.

Does anyone have first or second hand knowledge of whether this has
occurred? Have any of you decided to submit a manuscript to J. Euk.
Microbiol. that you would not have submitted to J. Protozool.?  Has
the opposite occurred?"

I would note that only in the last few issues of J. Euk. Microbiol.
have there been any papers that were submitted after the name
was changed, but in this limited selection I see no organisms or
topics represented that were not previously to be found in J.
Perhaps the Editor is starting to see changes but they haven't shown
up in print yet. Without active solicitation I do not see how authors
in new areas can be attracted. The name of the journal is unlikely to
be the thing that determines where an author sends a manuscript -
a glance at the table of contents or annual index will be more
informative regarding the journal readership. I personally do not care
for the new name, but that will not make me less likely to publish in
the journal since I know that the audience is largely unchanged.

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