Nuclear Pores in Protists

Kathleen Anderson vstr18a at
Tue Apr 12 21:33:30 EST 1994

Mark Farmer (farmer at EMLAB.ZOO.UGA.EDU) wrote:
: It's an old paper but it may help in your quest for finding answers 
: about nuclear pores in protists.

:       Franke, W. W. 1970. On the universality of nuclear pore complex
: structure. Z. Zellforsch. 105:405-429.

: This author also refers to a paper by Daniels et al. [Z. Zellforsch.    
: 98:357-363] in which nuclear pores were described for Pelomyxa 
: carolinensis.

Thanks for the reference; I'll try to get ahold of a copy.   

: I agree with Graham that a eukaryote with a nucleus but no nuclear pores
: is most likely a DEAD eukaryote :-)

Yes, that's probably true, but I wonder about the "first" nucleus--the
nuclear pore is quite a complex structure, and I suspect that early nuclei
were poreless, but still able to transit things in and out
(endocytosis/exocytosis?) without nuclear pores, but just much less 
efficiently and perhaps with much less precision.  The
nucleus-complete-with-nuclear-pores would be a vastly superior model, but
perhaps there is some slow-growing primitive euk out there getting by OK
and persisting?  Yes, I am most interested in transitional forms...

Thanks again for your response and cite - Kathleen (vstr18a at


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