Circadian cyles in activity of protozoa

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In article <9404091705.aa20584 at> mahaffy at (James Mahaffy) writes:
>	Am I right in assuming that there is not much circadian changes in
>general activity for most protozoa (they don't really slow down for part
>of the of the day or night).  I do know that there are some that have

Off-hand I recall Dick Seed speaking to the American Society of Parasitologists
about work he had done in his lab on changes in peripheral blood parasitaemia
of trypanosomes in frogs.  Now, whether or not this is a rythm of the
parasite or of the host is probably open to question.  Nonetheless,
I think this, if true, would be enough to suggest that the assumption
of no circadian rythm is premature.


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