kingdom protozoa

Sat Apr 30 13:51:21 EST 1994


I've just subscribed to the net and so perhaps my question may
have already been discussed.  
I was reading Mark Farmer's editorial on Cavalier-Smith's 
"Kingdom Protozoa and its 18 phyla" paper.  From what I gleaned,
it seems that the protistological community in general is
displeased with the actual content of Cavalier-Smith's classification.
Can anyone specifically tell me what they find inaccurate
about his paper?  Farmer's claim that the paper was based mostly
on work by others seems rather silly; is one supposed to classify
an entire kingdom of eukaryotes using only characters and data
that one has generated onesself?
By asking this question, I wish to start the open discussion
that Mark Farmer is asking seems that this newsgroup
is as good a place as any for such an exchange.

Andrew Roger
aroger at

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