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Thu Dec 28 13:21:02 EST 1995

David J. Patterson (paddy at EXTRO.UCC.SU.OZ.AU) wrote:
: Please send more information

: On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, John Groseclose wrote:

: > 
: > Thousands of the most sexually explicit, erotic photos and AVI files

Just to protect an innocent person's good name, John Groseclose did NOT
post this.  As is often true of SPAM's they use forged accounts and
names.  So the innocent party, whose forged name is used get LOADS of
nasty mail and none goes to the forger.  If you want to check out a
spam, you might check  It will usually tell you
if the spammer is using a forged account and in many times if their
access has been cut off. 

By the way, I was one of those who replied to post in John's name before
checking it out.  Fortunately he had a filter that responded
automatically to irritated users. 

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