To ALL those who want to unsubscribe

Graham Clark graham.clark at LSHTM.AC.UK
Fri Jun 27 04:26:22 EST 1997

All the people complaining about junk e-mail being posted to this list 
are themselves contributing to it by sending 'unsubscribe' messages to 
the whole subscription list. The instructions for unsubscribing are 
available from Biosci and this is the relevant section (modified to make 
it explicitly for this group).


Use the command

unsubscribe protista

to delete your address from the mailing list.  This  assumes that
you are operating from the same e-mail address from which you first 

!!! PLEASE BE SURE to send all subscribe or unsubscribe commands only to
!!! the biosci-server at address and not to the newsgroup posting
!!! addresses where they will bother all of the readers!

Your e-mail address is obtained automatically from the header of your
mail message and should NOT be included on the unsubscribe command line.
Such requests must be handled manually by us and create extra work.  
(Also you would be surprised at how many people list their e-mail 
addresses incorrectly which then results in nondelivery of mail, so 
please let our server obtain this information automatically from your 
mail header.)
The complete info sheet can be obtained at :

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