In search of a good cilliate image

David B. Goldstein davidgoldstein at
Thu Jul 29 07:20:57 EST 1999

You might try the following sites and the persons listed:

David Goldstein

Joshua Shulman wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> I am authoring a review on cell polarity, and I am in search of a good image
> of a cilliate to illustrate an extreme example of a highly polarised
> eukaryotic cell.  There is a great SEM of Didinium in Alberts et al. that
> would be perfect, but it would be difficult to get permission to reprint
> that one.  Does anyone have such an image or know of someone who might be
> willing to donate one?  If so, please email me at jms78 at
> Thanks,
> Joshua Shulman
> Wellcome/CRC Institute
> Cambridge  CB2 1QR
> England

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