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Mon Jun 10 07:45:00 EST 2002

Following a career change by the current post-doc research 
Dr Micha Bayer, the phycology group at the Royal Botanic Garden
Edinburgh is seeking a postdoctoral (or equivalent) research 
for a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council-
project on identification of microalgae using digital imaging and
image analysis. The DIADIST project (Diatom and Desmid 
by Shape and Texture, see is a collaboration
between computer scientists at the University of Cardiff, Wales, and
researchers at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Its primary
objective is to develop methods for the visual indexing of taxonomic
drawings and images in databases (CBIR), primarily for automatic
identification of diatoms and desmids. The Edinburgh group was also
involved in a conceptually similar project funded by the EU (in the
ADIAC programme:

The post involves

- collection of specimens and data to be used in the project,
including specimen collection and slide preparation, and digital image
capture directly from the microscope

- development of methods for specimen preparation and image capture

- identification of diatom and desmid specimens, image processing and

- use of new feature extraction algorithms in morphometric analysis
during taxonomic research

- database management, including routine data entry web page design
and maintenance

- close collaboration with computing science partners: giving advice
on taxonomic and other issues, testing of prototype software, joint
publication of results

The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. or equivalent expertise in
a biological subject. Taxonomic skills in phycology, especially in
diatoms and desmids, would be a distinct advantage, as would some
previous experience with digital imaging/image processing and web
publishing using HTML. A reading knowledge of German would help.

The phycology laboratory is very well equipped with light
microscopes, digital imaging equipment and appropriate computer
hardware and software, and is supported by herbarium collections, an
excellent library and general laboratory facilities, including EM.

The post is graded as Higher Scientific Officer/Band D respectively,
and the starting salary is c. =A319,000 p.a. The appointment is
available for 1 year 8.5 months fixed term, from mid August 2002 to
end April 2004.

Because of UK govenment regulations, preference has to be given to
European Economic Area nationals. If you are interested in this
position, please contact me by email (d.mann "at" rbge "dot" org
"dot"uk) by June 30 2002.

David Mann

Professor David G. Mann
Editor, Phycologia
Royal Botanic Garden
Edinburgh EH3 5LR
United Kingdom

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