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> Hi,
> after compiling the phred.exe, in what directory should I put it to be
> acessible to pregap4?

If you're talking about windows (which I assume you are as you mention
the .exe extension) then the easiest place may be the same directory
containing the gap4, pregap4, etc binaries.

For all OSes (including windows), the general rule of thumb is if it's 
in your PATH and works properly from the command line then it'll work
from Pregap4.

> how can I configure the enviroment variable so that it can be find by phred
> when running from pregap  as stated in the phred documentation: "set the
> environment
>     variable 'PHRED_PARAMETER_FILE' to the full path name of the file"

Again this is an OS thing. On unix it's normally via setenv or export
commands. On windows it's probably lurking in your user config panel
somewhere, but I'm not sure where...

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