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Cris Woolston C.J.Woolston at
Wed Nov 3 12:11:05 EST 1993

As part of my second year U/G teaching on plant virology (pathology) I talk
about assessment of the degree of crop loss through pathogen attack, and
how remote sensing can be used to do this. 

Does anyone have any images from LandSat or similar of infected vs. healthy
crops either as 35mm slides (I will scan copy & return) or as a computer
graphics file (any format - I'm adaptable)? 

I would be totally astounded if anyone has got images covering East
Yorkshire - but anywhere in the world would be acceptable! If I can get
hold of any I would like to upload them to Jean-Yves' ftp server so that
they are generally available, but if this is not possible because of
copyright restrictions than I would still like some images to use in my

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks in advance,


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  Department of Applied Biology
  University of Hull, UK

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